Bleep! The content filtering system that you manage

Do you really know what your kids are doing online?

Do you want to increase workplace productivity?
The better way to protect your family from harmful content and increase workplace productivity. FREE to all EOL customers.

Bleep!'s 100+ powerful ready-made categories puts the user in the drivers seat, and is available free to all EOL customers! A customised Pro version is now available, from just $10 per month. With Pro Bleep! you have access to a deep level of customisation that puts you in total control of the content available on your Internet connection.


Standard users may select from predefined groups including 100+ categories to enable;

  • a permanent 24/7 block for any objectionable material not conforming to their personal beliefs
  • time based block to manage users online time playing games, streaming media or social media etc., restricting access between certain times (such as homework or family time)
  • time based full open access for adults when younger family are not using the net, example after children have gone to bed or are at school


Bleep! is a powerful business tool that is guaranteed to reduce employee personal online time during work hours thereby increasing productivity.

In addition to having access to all the same features as Standard users, our Pro users can subscribe to a customised Bleep! service. This means Bleep! can be used to block specific websites in addition to the 100+ categories, targeting online content where employees are known to be wasting valuable time instead of working. Increased granularity allows for very specifc content blocking eg: allow Facebook News Feed, but block Facebook Video

How does Bleep! work and why is it better than other systems?

Unlike content filtering solutions available elsewhere, Bleep! doesn't just rely on a database of known objectionable sites, as they can become outdated overnight. Once a category is selected for blocking, Bleep! uses two methods to test all content before allowing it to pass

  • every internet site visited is checked against one of the largest world-wide databases (updated daily) for a positive match
  • if no positive match is found then Bleep! actually examines the content of the site (including images) for anything that breaches the conditions set by the user

This second step is the Bleep! difference and the reason why Bleep! is one of most advanced and trusted systems available.

Until enabled, Bleep! allows all content to pass untested, but start turning on Bleep! and the user quickly realises the value of having their very own unique version of family safe and business friendly internet.